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Your true Birth Chart is unique to only you; and is a symbolic snapshot of your unique fingerprint, your star print in the
For specific and individual guidance, an astrologer must calculate the full details of your distinctive 'only one of its kind'
horoscope; which is based on calculations involving the date, the place and the approximate time of your birth.
Consultations by appointment are $45.00 per half hour

Astrological Compatibility
It is through our relationships with others - lovers, friends, family, co-workers, and even opponents, that we unfold the
potential of our lives. Meaningful relationships are often stressful in some way, as they require us to work on ourselves,
making us reflect on who we are and what we want and need.

Astrological compatibility can provide valuable relationship advice if we spend some time getting to know the
‘symbolic’ language. This introductory workshop covers the basic astrological principles involved in determining the
inherent compatibility between individuals.

Please call for 0421 661 204 for next 'Compatibility Workshop'

Introduction to Astrology
This course is a basic introduction to this Ancient science and the aim is to blend Astrology, Psychology and
from a spiritual perspective.
This module is suitable for those with an interest in Astrology to aid self-discovery & will assist in interpreting
the charts of family, friends and lovers.
Learn about the history, myth, language and symbolism of Astrology.
Examine the birth chart, the twelve signs, houses and the planets that rule them.
We will also touch on the challenging role of the aspects in a birth chart
as well as the synchronicity of transits and life cycles.

Topics include
Sun & Moon-The Luminaries as Mother/Father/Complexes
Mercury- Messenger, Correspondent, Magician & Alchemist
Venus- Relationships, Lovers, Psychology of Romantic Love
Mars- Energy, Libido, Strength, Power & Aggression
Jupiter- Zeus, the Pleasure Principle
Saturn- Trials & Tribulation
Uranus -Awakener, Crisis, Opportunity for Creative Change
Neptune- Quest for the Divine, Dreams, Visions and Prophecy
Pluto- Passion, Sex, Death, Re-Birth & Transformation

More... Sacred One Day Workshops
These workshops deal with the quest for the sublime, the
transcendent, the inspirational and the sacred.
Practitioners  and therapists would find these
lectures complementary to their healing techniques and
spiritual aspirants will find the teaching useful to further
self -development.         

Topics include
Soul Mates and Karmic Relationships
Tarot & Numerology
Archetypes & Angels
Dreams and the Unconscious
Chakras and the Planets
Crystal Healing, Colour, Sound and Aromatherapy
Kabbalah in Astrology
Guided Imagery Techniques and Meditation
Astrodrama ....and more!!!

Introduction to Astrology (One Day):
Sacred One Day Workshops:
8 Week Basic Astrology:
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Deposit of $50 to secure your place in the courses is required.

Please book early as classes are limited.

These Introductory courses are essential for further and more advanced Astrological Studies
and some of the Sacred Workshops     

Discounts available for 5 or more guests - ask about discounts

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