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The Equinox, Solar Eclipse and New Moon




Welcome to Inspirations & Constellations for March, April, May 2015,

Yes wherever you reside in the world this is a powerful time of year as we experience the Spring/Autumn equinox when the Sun shines directly on the Equator and the length of the day and the night are almost equal. And on March 20th, the same date as the equinox, the New Moon is experiencing a total solar eclipse at 29.27 degrees of Pisces, the last degree of the zodiac. Talk about an end point followed by a fresh new beginning. It’s certainly a dynamic ambiance for the entry of the Sun into Aries on the 20th March heralding the beginning once again of the astrological year. This new Moon by the way is a Super Moon, still only observers in Greenland and Iceland and parts of Northern Africa, Europe and Northern Asia will witness it. Yes, the eclipse season is in full swing and as always eclipses signal times of sudden and unexpected change. So it’s important for you to note that when an eclipse aligns closely with one of your planets, it is a very significant eclipse for you. The closer the eclipse aligns with your natal planet, the more important it is. So look for planets in degrees around the end of Pisces and beginning of Aries, the end of Virgo and beginning of Libra, the end of Gemini and beginning of Cancer and the end of Sagittarius and beginning of Capricorn.  Following on two weeks later is the full moon on April 4, 2015 which will be a total Lunar Eclipse at 14 degrees and 21 minutes of Libra. So check planets around 14 degrees Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn. This is when you’ll really want to know more about each planet’s influence. For example Venus is for love and Mars for action. Look them all up and take note of what planet in your chart might need a positive tweak at this time.


In the wake of the Sun’s entrance into Aries we may naturally feel inclined to be just a little bit bolder, but with Mercury lounging in dreamy Pisces our way of thinking is prone to ambivalence which may not be very productive. The soundest guidance I can suggest is to harness our inner Zen and surf the Piscean wave of heightened intuition and creativity and put it to good use when Mercury transits Aries from the 30th March onwards. This is the time to shift our thoughts into positive actions. Then on April 14th Mercury shifts into Taurus, the down to earth sign that is best known for using practical methods to develop thoughts and actions into abundance.  On May 01, Mercury moves on again and enters its own mercurial sign of Gemini, urging us to re-evaluate as it retrogrades from May 19 through till Jun 11 when it will station and move forward once again.


Venus leaves sizzling Aries on the 17th March and moves into sensual Taurus where it enjoys tender aspects from Neptune and Pluto on the 23-24 and 29-30. Lookout for the Venus square to Jupiter though on the 27th, which tends to spur on excessively excessive behaviour.  Venus enters the cool-headed sign of Gemini on Apr 11th and the home loving sign of Cancer on May 7th. Meanwhile, Mars continues to power through Aries until the 31st March then plots a determined course in Taurus until May 12th when it enters the sign of the twins in Gemini.


Saturn is the unlikely regeneration planet in 2015! Saturn in Sagittarius is an awkward mix given that Saturn is all about constraint and Sagittarius is the sign of increase.  Nevertheless this combination actually works well together as Saturn represents the structures and boundaries that limit our lives both positively and negatively. Sagittarius rules foreign affairs, travel, religion, philosophy, laws and higher education. Under Saturn’s controlled approach, religious extremism may even begin to calm down with the inauguration of legal constraints imposed on the appalling ‘haters’ who peddle violence, prejudice and intolerance. This is a time for challenging and perhaps reforming our belief systems. What do we really believe in? How broad or narrow is our vision and viewpoint? During this cycle, the integrity of our principles and how they are applied will be examined. With Saturn in Sagittarius our challenge is in determining how clearly we see the big picture, the forest instead of the trees. We will likely have to confront issues pertaining to our personal sense of freedom and our sense of responsibility. Our level of commitment may be questioned as well. Sagittarius is the truth seeker and its tendency to blunt in your face honesty may result in us making more sincere choices as Saturn compels us to following a more meaningful path in Sagittarius.


In Mythology as in Mysticism, phenomenon usually originates in the realm of the metaphysical. To understand this, we must consider the spiritual and even physical significance associated with the Sagittarian symbolism of the bow and arrow. In examining the physicality of shooting an arrow at someone, one encounters the profound lesson that the arrow must first be pulled back toward one’s own heart in order to strike the heart of our enemy. Yes, the paradox of the bow and arrow is that one must have the courage and self honesty to pull back and examine the core of one’s own soul in order to vanquish the enemy that lies within us and outside of us.


Jupiter, Sagittarian’s ruling planet travels through the impressive sign of Leo until August and will continue to applaud its sovereignty supporting Saturn’s alchemical journey transforming Capricorn’s worthless lead into solid gold. Thanks to Jupiter the lucky Leos and other fire signs Sagittarius and Aries will reap the benefits of the good luck planet.


Letting go…

2015 inherited like last year, the ongoing and epic struggle between Uranus and Pluto but  I am pleased to report that in March after seven conjunctions between 2012 and 2015, we are now through with the last frenzied square dance between the change-maker planets Uranus and Pluto. Yes Uranus square Pluto 15º Aries/15º Capricorn finally had their last face off on March 17 2015. Uranus travelling in the activist sign of Aries has confronted Pluto in traditionalist Capricorn for the last time compelling us to recognise the need for urgent and collective re-visioning.  The Uranus-Pluto cycle has certainly unmasked calamity all over the world.  Politically, economically, in the media and in our religious institutions, megalomaniacs and liars, dictators and dominators are being exposed for their abuse of power.  The movement of these slower outer planets are usually experienced within generations on a much larger scale but it can occur in any area of your personal life as well if this kind of shift is necessary. Ultimately Uranus and Pluto serve to pressure and destroy outworn constructions so that they can be substituted and upgraded. Transformative change will begin to increase after the rebellion (Uranus) and the breakdown (Pluto) phases are over. The rebuilding stage is within reach and we can personally advance by striving to rise up above the trauma to see where change is necessary and how we can accomplish it. The potential during this time is to let go of what does not serve us so that we can experience this r/evolution personally as well as globally. 2015 will see humanity slowly prepare for a new reality to take shape. 


May the Force be with You

These intense destabilising years have left their mark on humanity and now after years of intense disruption over the coming months we will begin to experience the resounding and transformative paradigm shifts and absolute breakthroughs. We are still living through the most extraordinary times witnessing the quintessential battle between the dark forces and the light. May the light force be strong within you. “You can be the Change”

Go Well in Peace, Love and Happiness,


Devorah has a Diploma in Psychological Astrology and has taught ‘Astrological Compatibility’ at Nature Care College, one of Australia’s most reputable Natural Therapy colleges. She adores sound and vision, the mythic, the mystical and the sacred and likes to genuinely connect with others, sharing the stories of our lives. Through her studies encompassing the deeply mystical Kabbalah, Devorah weaves ancient symbolism, myth & archetype together, and guides your intuitive awareness though personal consultations and classes.

“I am very passionate about my sacred work in Mysticism. I believe I can offer compassionate and knowledgeable guidance to my clients and indeed most of my clients have been coming back to me for years. Some mystics will promise predictions of 100% accuracy. I do not believe in that. I have been consulting a long time and am highly respected for my honesty and accuracy. Yes, you have a fate but your fate has two arms and one arm is your own. For this reason, I do not want to be viewed as a fortune teller. I am your spiritual advisor and I support you to pursue your own intuitive empowerment, so that you can take control of your situation. Still, consultations with me are deeply revealing and can be genuinely life changing if you sincerely seek clarity and peace of mind. Mysticism bestows extraordinary insight as it offers tools in how to bring your Heaven down to Earth reality.” 


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