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Kabbalah Astrology New Moon Pisces – Adar


Adar is the twelfth and last month on the lunar calendar. This last sign Adar ( dagim- Pisces – the fish) completes the astrological cycle that begins with Aries in Nissan. It is a month of happiness, miracles and wonders. But then why is the sign of Pisces always represented by two fish bound together swimming in opposite directions? And why is Pisces a sign of illusion and concealment?

Well, The Mazal (astrological constellation) of Adar explains this and much more….Adar is known for the holiday of Purim…….  As the story goes Haman was a practicing astrologer, and he wanted to ascertain the most auspicious time for the genocide of the Jews. As Adar’s zodiacal sign was Pisces, the fish, Haman said, “Now I shall be able to swallow them as fish which swallow one another”…

But just as fish live under the sea, concealed from the eyes of man, so, too, Adar is a month of concealment. For Adar and the subsequent festival of Purim demonstrates the power of a turnaround from anguish to joy. And this is because despite Haman’s plans the Torah reveals that our astrological Mazal does not define us and that our negative characteristics are under the control and direction of our own FREE WILL and can over time be shaped into positive attributes.

The Pisces symbolism is of one fish swimming upstream to the divine and the other swimming downstream towards the material and physical. The fish swimming against the stream represents the powerful “Pisces” potential through FAITH. Whereas the other fish by choice can instead go with the flow and get carried downstream easily, and become prone to illusion, deception and escapist patterns of behaviour which weakens them allowing them to absorb even more negative energy.

The trick is to know when to swim upstream against the tide and when to just go with the flow.


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