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Through the dark Moon to FREEDOM- Wake Up Call to Change


The waning crescent and new Moon have long been associated with symbols of death and renewal. The chart for the new Moon, on the 3rd of February 2011, features the Sun and Moon in a close conjunction with Mars, all in the constellation of Aquarius, ( the wake up to a ‘New Age’ planet ).  Yes, in the study of astrology, it is widely acknowledged that the cosmic energy emanating from the constellation of Aquarius is one that signifies ‘change’ and alerts us to the ‘use by date’ with alarm bells ringing, signifying liberation, the activation of solidarity, social justice, humanitarian and animal liberation, planetary reforms on every level, and revolution and sometimes bloody revolution. Aquarian energy mostly manifests like a lightning bolt from the heavens, shattering all old forms that are outworn and in need of reformation. The dilemma though, is whether the obsolete form can be replaced with an improved or more stable alternative. Whether we are ready or not, (and prepared we should be) when that Aquarian lightning bolt strikes, well it wakes us all up from our slumber and complacency. It’s a mighty wake up call…Yes, and even mother nature herself has chimed in. Clearly on some level the Earth is rebelling and at the same time uniting us in humanity through devastating cyclones, floods, snow storms, earthquakes, and landslides. “As above, so below” and we can also witness frenzied political revolution manifesting right now, in the Middle East, in Tunisia and Egypt and Jordan where the people have courageously rebelled in a quest for their freedom. And the action planet Mars has been stoking the coals increasing the fiery heat, tracking right along together with the Sun since January 20th, and will continue to do so until Feb 18th. The Sun archetype in astrology is associated with our spirit, our power and our energy and conjoined with the archetypal warrior planet Mars, it activates our boldness and passion. Courage is now rampant, but let us hope that the conjoining of the Sun and Mars together in the Heavens will continue to signify solidarity, striving, courage and determination and not deteriorate into the terrifying adverse martial qualities of fury, hostility, violence and destruction. As always we have our Free Will to make the best of the worst!

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  1. Jenibelle says:

    There’s a terrific amount of knowledge in this article!

  2. Hi there. I enjoyed “Through the dark Moon to FREEDOM- Wake Up Call to Change | Inspirations and Constellations”. It was fine.

  3. 三重住商 says:

    Good idea, Can be considered a learned thing, ok;

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