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Aries Full Moon – Twice Told

The Full moon

Today the Full Moon occurs in the same Constellation of Aries as the last full Moon in September…Interestingly the September 23 Full Moon occurred at the first degree – 0° degree of Aries/Libra and today it occurs at the last degree.. 29°33 of Aries/Libra, and the first and last degrees of any sign are said to be the most potent. So, if “a rite of passage” is a ritual event that marks progress from one status to another, accordingly this second Full Moon in Aries, offers up the opportunity for us to refine our ability to balance the essential message of Aries (I am) in the month of  Libra (We are) …..

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  1. Sable says:

    A million thanks for posting this information.

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